Toys R Us Credit Card

We are sure that you must know a lot of great children who are just as happy go lucky and carefree that it makes you remember the good old days of childhood. You probably already shop for these same kids from time to time just to make their days just a little bit brighter. Whether it be a birthday or holiday it doesn’t matter because you will get them something at any given moment of the year. In fact, you are probably looking through the Toys R Us site right now looking for the next gift for a little boy or girl. Why not add the Toys R Us Credit Card to your shopping experience? 

Every dollar you would spend in their store would give you four points whenever you would just use your Toys R Us Credit Card with the transaction. In the event you feel like having gaining more points you can also go after the MasterCard version of the card to maximize your point values. Whenever you would use the MasterCard version of the Toys R Us Credit Card, you would get one point for every dollar that you use the Toys R Us Credit Card to spend outside of Toys R Us. Gaining 500 points would get you a $5 certificate and if you are doing a lot of shopping within the year, your points will add up like crazy.


It really doesn’t seem to matter that the Toys R Us Credit Card doesn't offer any elaborate deals and vacation packages and thing of that nature. For whatever reason, Toys R Us never has had any trouble getting people to flock into their stores and apply for their Toys R Us Credit Card. Perhaps Toys R Us his doing something right and as they say, "If it's not broken, don't fix it". That does seem to become a problem for most cards of this type. They get all into the race of trying to get customers that their rewards programs lose focus of the purpose people love the card for in the first place. Sometimes less really is more. In the case of the Toys R Us Credit Card, it certainly seems that less is more for them and the many fans of Toys R Us. One of the only issues people have with the Toys R Us Credit Card is that they aren't able to use it to get points on digital devices like the iPods and things of that nature. Yet, as stated before, it never fails to stop people from flooding their stores every holiday season especially.

Whether you think the card could use a little bit more of this or that to make it better, they have made sure not to "fix" their card too much over the years. This has seemed to work for them somehow as the magic of Toys R Us lives on every Christmas season. If this the card for you? If you are already buying many gifts for your children in your life all year round from Toys R Us, you may as well check into it. Every little bit of points can help go towards something.